Armed with many years of experience and technical know-how, Green Office has become is one of the leading companies in Greece, Cyprus and Albania, by offering unrivalled professional printing solutions.


Accredited representative of RISO in Greece and Cyprus.

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Green Office, has over 35 years of continuous presence in the field of office automation systems, printing centers and print shops. Today is one of the most fast-growing companies in Greece in the printing sector. Green Office operates all around the country, as well as in Cyprus and Albania, reliable and cost-efficient printing solutions, outstanding customer service and after-sales support.

Moreover, Green Office specializes in selling, leasing and maintenance of printing / photocopying machines & duplicators, representing well-known foreign companies, such as RISO and JINGTU, as well as in consumables and spare parts supply.

Green Office's philosophy is that technology should serve man and not the other way round. Therefore, the company strives to constantly upgrade its products and services to always deliver for its customers top-quality printing solutions. By designing and implementing a Quality Management System to fully meet the customers’ needs, Green Office has managed gained their trust and the first place in their preferences.

Committed to actively contribute to the environmental protection, Green Office is a pioneering company in the establishment of refurbished printing machines and duplicators, which do not lack in aesthetics nor in functionality compared to other printers.

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Permanent exhibition of all RISO modelsν

The Green Office’s facilities expand to an area of 450 sq.m. and include a private cargo zone, warehouses, exhibition space and parking area.

The company maintains in its exhibition area the full range of its printing machines, providing the unique opportunity of demonstration. Moreover, upon appointment, customers can try out the unrivalled advantages of the company’s printing machines by using types of sheets and materials of their own choice.