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Riso Kagaku Corporation is a Japanese company that has managed to develop a strong global reputation for its products and customer service, and the term “RISO-ing” has become synonymous with “printing” among 180 countries around the world.

Reliability & Remarkable Affordability

Optimised printing quality at the lowest cost

Eco Friendly Printing

Printing with eco-friendly inks reduces your office’s environment impact.

Significant Energy Savings

Environmental benefits and less energy consumption, up to 80%

High-Speed Printing

Faster printing means greater productivity

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Personalised customer guidance and certified technical support


RISO's success story began in Japan, in 1946

Οι άνθρωποι πίσω από την Riso

RRiso in Japanese means "ideal", a word that immediately became the company’s goal and philosophy: to offer ideal solutions in the field of printing and become a first-class leader in digital duplicating technology worldwide!

The company began as an ink manufacturer and continues to manufacture inks and consumables up until today, giving RISO an unparalleled technical knowledge of the total print process, compared to its competitors. Founded on the belief that printing requirements may vary according to the r needs of each sector, RISO invests heavily in research and innovation, and has created an enviable range of high-quality printers, duplicators and extensions to provide bespoke printing solutions for any business sector.

Today, with a business presence in more than 180 countries worldwide, RISO's name has become synonymous with printing and its reputation has spread to international markets. The key to RISO’s success is understanding the challenges each sector faces and providing high quality, cost-effective solutions to overcome them, combined with its excellent and certified customer service.

RISO's impressive list of partners is testimony to the fact that installing a machine in your business is just the beginning of a long-term relationship of trust, and, at the same time, a guarantee that RISO will provide support and after-care to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Γραφεία Riso


in Digital-Duplicating Technology

Exceeding Japan's borders, RISO's reputation for unrivalled products and unique customer service has reached every market in the world.

What makes RISO so successful worldwide is the in-depth understanding of the needs of each sector and the unique challenges that they face individually. The company strives to create fundamentally unique products with an emphasis on their productivity, cost containment, and versatility, and offers printing solutions even for the most demanding business environments across the globe.

Research and innovation are at the heart of everything the company does. RISO is the proud creator of the ComColor GD series, the world’s fastest full-color inkjet printers! Along with the new FW models, they provide the fastest, low cost per color page printing solution. By using its unique FORCEJET ™ inkjet "cold printing" technology that requires no heat fusing during the printing process, RISO printers and duplicators are eco- friendly and offer unique productivity, versatility, and cost-efficiency.

We are not just another equipment provider. We provide -by far- the best and most advantageous printing solutions!


Against climate change

Riso φιλική προς το περιβάλλον

At RISO we evaluate our performance and success based on the profit we make for society and the environment.

RISO's commitment to developing printing solutions in a sustainable, ethical, fair and environmentally responsible way, as well as its ecological credentials, were some of the reasons that the company was chosen as the trusted, sole supplier for the print room of the 21st and 22nd Sessions of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21 & COP22).

RISO is committed to contribute to the efforts for a cleaner earth and a more sustainable environment. The company invests heavily in research and development with a large part of its work focused on environmental improvement and conserving the planet's precious resources. Due to RISO’s unique, eco-friendly cold printing technology, less electricity is required, reducing the impact on the environment. Unlike toner-based printers, RISO inkjet printers have no harmful emissions, and as a result are much kinder to the environment, leading to more comfortable working conditions.  


Discover a greener, more efficient way to print

RISO acknowledges its responsibility to protect the planet and to minimise the environmental impact. Committed to deliver on its promise of promoting a cleaner and greener earth, RISO designs and produces printing solutions that combine ecology and productivity to operate in a more resource-efficient and sustainable way, from the production stage, to their operation and maintenance.

RISO's main goal is to minimize its ecological footprint and manages to achieve that, also by recycling and reusing machines and materials that are in disuse, reducing this way the volume of waste.

Less power and reduced print costs:

By decreasing printing times, the ComColor uses less electricity than most other printers in its class, whilst delivering significant savings on energy bills. RISO has also introduced power saving functions that play a major role in helping businesses minimise electrical consumption during periods of non-usage!

RISO ComColor GD9630
RISO ComColor FW5230
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Benefit from the inkjet eco-advantages of the ComColor Series, with the smallest environmental footprint.

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Comfortable Work Environment

Compliance with the World’s Leading Environmental Directives

Energy Star

The international program to promote energy saving in office machines.

Blue Angel

German certification for energy-saving and eco-friendly products and services.


EC directive concerning chemicals and their safe use.


EU restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.


An EC requirement for eco design of energy-related products.