We know that finding resources and large printing volumes can be a great challenge for you. At RISO we accept this challenge and we offer you the most cost-effective and reliable printing solutions!


The affordable printing technology that exceeds expectations!

Λύσεις εκτύπωσης για θρησκευτικούς χώρους

As a non-profit institution, we understand that cost is a very important factor for you in choosing your printing, copying and scanning equipment. We also understand that printed paper remains an important communication tool with your community and often requires a large volume of printing, with the least possible resources.

At RISO, having worked for many years with religious institutions around the world, we understand your needs and we offer you the most efficient and cost-effective means of volume printing. With affordable print technology, RISO can ensure you have everything you need to create powerful printed communications to spread your message in the best and most economical way.

All RISO machines are easy to use and require minimal user intervention. They offer the lowest color cost per page and feature smart finishing options at the touch of a button to save you valuable time. In addition, with RISO's ultra-complete user guides, you can ensure that you get the most out of your printing technology.

Moreover, moving your printing jobs from outsourced printing to in-house printing is a great way to maximize workflows and decrease overall production costs. At the same time, you can print - directly and without delays - the amount you just need, combining on-demand printing with all the advantages of RISO’s printing machines.

Λύσεις εκτύπωσης για θρησκευτικούς χώρους


01Vibrant Colors

Add color to your prints at incredibly low color cost per page

02Cost Management

Gain control of every printing job and reduce your costs

03Improved Productivity

Maximised performance on any type of document

04Enhanced Output Capacity

High volume printing jobs, faster and more efficiently

05Smart Finishing Options

Stapling, booklet making, hole-punching, perfect binding, and envelope printing

06Bespoke Quality

Unparalleled printing quality, up to the very last application

07Flexibility & Versatility

Easy operations and fewer paper jams than toner printers

08Exceptional Reliability

Excellent performance without constant user interventions

09Print Queue & Information Management

Manage your workflow for optimal and reliable results

10Impressive Ecological Credentials

Technology that combines ecological benefits and high efficiency


Inspire on a greater scale with RISO’S unrivalled printing machines!

Έγχρωμο πολυλειτουργικό σύστημα εκτύπωσης7150


Our Green Line series of refurbished printing machines is the ultimate alternative solution for reliable and cost-effective large-scale color and black and white printing!
Πολυλειτουργικά συστήματα εκτύπωσης για γραφεία


Benefit from the unrivalled advantages of RISO’s multifunction printing systems, that combine copying/printing/scanning at the lowest cost on the market! Ideal for schools, companies, political parties, offices and any other business or organization.
Ταχυεκτυπωτικό για γραφεία


The single color and twin color RISO duplicators -unbeatable for both price and speed- will amaze you with their performance. They can print Α3-Β4-Α4 and Α2 sheet sizes. Ideal for printing one prototype in many copies.