Gain a strategic advantage over your political opponents with RISO printing solutions. They are specifically designed to meet the needs of political offices for fast, reliable and cost-effective printing!


Stay ahead of your political opponents!

Λύσεις εκτύπωσης για πολιτικά γραφεία

The political scene is a very competitive environment. To stay in the spotlight, you need to consolidate your presence, not just during the elections. Political campaigns are greatly based on newsletters, business cards and posters. In addition, letters, brochures and invitations act as a powerful means of communicating with your constituents. Whether you are creating leaflets or posters to raise awareness, our printing solutions can help you stay one step ahead of your political opponents!

Having worked with political organisations for many years, at RISO we are well aware of your printing needs. For that reason, we can respond to the challenges you are facing with consistency and efficiency, offering to your services our innovative technologies and unparalleled experience.

Recognizing your need for large-scale printing and campaign communications of the highest quality with smooth and clean typography, we offer fast and efficient solutions that meet your most demanding printing and copying needs. We also understand that color can play a key role in a political campaign, reflecting views and emotions. RISO’s printing machines ensure a stable and vibrant color rendering in every print, at the lowest color cost per page!

At the same time, we are dedicated to helping you keep your political office’s running cost as low as possible. The unique inkjet “cold-printing” technology of our printers uses up to 80% less energy than conventional toner machines, while there are no harmful emissions released!

Λύσεις εκτύπωσης για πολιτικά γραφεία


01Excellent Color Performance

Add color to every print to improve your message impact

02Cost Management

Maintain control and take advantage of the lowest cost per page

03Improved Productivity/span>

Maximum performance on any type of document, with quality guarantee

04Enhanced Output Capacity

High volume printing jobs, faster and more efficiently

05Excellent Quality

Unbeatable printing quality, up to the very last application

06Versatility & Flexibility

Reliable printings, with minimum interruptions for technical interventions

07Impressive Ecological Credentials

Technology that combines ecological benefits and high efficiency

08Reliability & Durability

Less paper jams than conventional toner machines

09Incomparable Speeds

Ideal for large print volumes, at exciting speeds

10Low Energy Consumption

Up to 80% less power consumption than toner printers


Solutions that offer you a strategic advantage over your political opponents!

Έγχρωμο πολυλειτουργικό σύστημα εκτύπωσης7150


Our Green Line series of refurbished printing machines is the ultimate alternative solution for reliable and cost-effective large-scale color and black and white printing!
Πολυλειτουργικά συστήματα εκτύπωσης για γραφεία


Benefit from the unrivalled advantages of RISO’s multifunction printing systems, that combine copying/printing/scanning at the lowest cost on the market! Ideal for schools, companies, political parties, offices and any other business or organization.
Ταχυεκτυπωτικό για γραφεία


The single color and twin color RISO duplicators -unbeatable for both price and speed- will amaze you with their performance. They can print Α3-Β4-Α4 and Α2 sheet sizes. Ideal for printing one prototype in many copies.